Digital Twins

We create Digital Twins with scalability & connectivity at the core

  • Our IIOT-enabled edge hardware, compatible with both modern & legacy systems simplifies data collection by diving data inputs into 3 central categories
    Mechanical (CAD/CAM) | Electronic (PLC & Sensors) | Software (ERP & MES)
  • The simulation environment contextualizes the data and builds connections to form an integrated system
  • Using USD (Universal Scene Description) format, our simulation environment plugs into high fidelity virtual world engine to render an immersive photorealistic world.
  • A.I based Bots and analytics doing audits and identifying bottlenecks/
  • At the very top integrating into the Industrial Metaverse enables collaborative possibilities like never before.

IoT based Data acquisition and visualization

Used to automate and gather data in real-time for monitoring and controlling the equipment and conditions, production planning, reducing downtime thus enhancing industrial automation. The system is compatible with legacy as well as the latest ports which ensures no additional investment at the customer’s end. The entire system is also end-to-end encrypted and ensure cybersecurity

Condition-based Monitoring(CBM)

Equipped with edge computing and integrated hardware and software systems to measure the status of an asset, predict failures, improve efficiency and calculate its remaining life during the course of its operations.

Predictive Maintenance System

Predictive maintenance to detect and fix the possible defects in the equipment and processes before they may result in a failure and prevent unnecessary downtime. The system also helps reduce the operational cost of the equipment and ensures better ROI over its lifetime. 

Energy Monitoring System

Smart energy monitoring systems helps in real-time monitoring of machine data and energy-usage tracking through AI-enabled machine vision cameras and edge computing hardware and software systems.