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Digital Twins for Manufacturing

An AI-powered DIY digital twin platform for you to create, monitor, and enhance your manufacturing process in real-time.

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Revolutionizing Manufacturing Industry with Digital Twins

What is Twyn?

Twyn is a highly scalable enterprise SaaS platform that offers a no-code solution to create live, immersive, AI-powered digital twins for manufacturing. It enables real-time monitoring, analysis, planning, and maintenance of physical assets, enabling them to optimise performance, reduce downtime, and improve efficiency.
Digital Twinning technology merges the physical and digital worlds enabling a holistic visualization of production, operations and the entire manufacturing value chain. Twyn’s Digital twinning platform yields important insights that could affect not only brownfield but also greenfield projects. We aim to empower large manufacturers and OEMs to accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0 and prepare for Industry 5.0.

Digital Twin

IIoT based Digitization

Fully Immersive Environment

AI-Powered Analytics and predictions

Enabling Industry 5.0

Industry 1.0

Mechanization, Water Power, Stream Power

Industry 1.0

Mechanization, Water Power, Stream Power

Industry 1.0

Mechanization, Water Power, Stream Power

Industry 1.0

Mechanization, Water Power, Stream Power

Industry 1.0

Mechanization, Water Power, Stream Power

Made to enable

The industrial metaverse

Enable an immersive micro-metaverse through the integration of live, intelligent, and connected digital twins of your facilities. A micro-metaverse represents a highly interactive digital space that mirrors the real-world environment within smart factories with remarkable precision. The immersive micro-metaverse, powered by digital twins in the manufacturing industry, is unprecedentedly transforming the very essence of manufacturing, making it more intelligent, responsive, and innovative than ever before.

Zero downtimes

Empowered by AI-driven predictions and advanced analytical reporting, decision-makers can proactively address maintenance requirements before any disruptive downtimes. Digital twins in the manufacturing process meticulously capture real-time data, serving as an intricate reflection of the physical world for predictive analysis. An array of sensors diligently collects vital data, seamlessly channeled into the factory's digital twin. Digital twin technology enables the precise identification of equipment failures, bottlenecks, and other operational inefficiencies, facilitating swift interventions and the optimized allocation of resources.

Photorealistic experience

Incorporating the Universal Scene Description format (USD), the proprietary simulation environment seamlessly integrates with the virtual world engine, culminating the generation of an immersive, photorealistic world. This immersive, photorealistic world blurs the line between reality and simulation, offering an experience like never before. The synergy between digital twin modeling and simulation, empowered by the USD format, pushes the boundaries of what we can achieve in factory digitization. Smart factory monitoring systems, leveraging the capabilities of digital twins, provide an unparalleled level of control and understanding of real-world manufacturing processes.

Collaborative Decision-making

Connect stakeholders across the globe in real time to brainstorm and solve challenges within the metaverse.

Simple 3D

The platform accepts all 3D file formats under the sun. Like FBX, OBJ, 3MF, STEP, DAE, IGES, STL, 3DS, etc. Simply upload your files and start creating.

Dynamic auditing

A.I.-based bots audit the facility in the digital twin constantly and identify bottlenecks and security flaws

Seamless integrations

Integrates with all major IIoT hardware PLC manufacturers ERP/PLM/MES softwares SCADA systems

Environment Simulations

Simulate non-destructive real-time process/layout changes to assess viability and efficiencies across brownfield and greenfield projects

Effortless efficiency

The entire system is deployed with edge-computing hardware which ensures peak efficiency and no bandwidth choking.

Your data your choice

Choose from any cloud service provider or an on-premise solution

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