Machine Vision

AI - Based Quality Control

AI based quality control through CNN based machine vision cameras which help in achieving quality inspection in terms of speed, latency and costs. 

Robotic Guidance

  • Robotic Arms equipped with specialized grippers, programmed to handle a myriad of tasks with unmatched precision, speed and accuracy
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) equipped with AI cameras that navigate with precision in both visible and IR lighting. With superior object detection they synchronize with other AMRs and ensure a safer work environment.
  • Drones that are customized for tasks across a range of verticals and applications like monitoring, delivery, inspection and warehouse automation.


  • UID based tracking (QR code, barcode, etc)- Our smart cameras systems can help in real-time traceability and quality inspections through the entire production value chain, from pre-production to delivery. 
  • Vision based asset tracking solution helps in efficient planning, tracking and use of assets while also ensuring the prevention of hazards and overall, a safe environment inside the factory. 

Real time Human Resource Monitoring System

  • Monitors the movement of human resources inside the factory
  • Updates the command center of per capita productivity and shift management
  • Ensures the safety and protection of workers.