Unlock The Power Of Digital Twins For Smart Manufacturing


At Twyn, we create Digital Twins with scalability and connectivity at their core. Our Digital Twin platform consists of Four modules designed to solve complex problems in the manufacturing processes across industries. By harnessing the power of digitalization, our platform enables organizations to optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and make data-driven decisions.

Real-Time Monitoring With Digital Twin platform Is The Future Of Manufacturing

DIY Digital Twins

Create Digital Twins using plug and play libraries.

Our IIoT-enabled edge hardware is compatible with both modern and legacy systems and streamlines data collection by categorizing inputs into three central categories: Mechanical (CAD/CAM), Electronic (PLC & Sensors), and Software (SCADA, ERP & MES). Our Digital Twin platform accommodates all major 3D file formats, allowing seamless file uploads. Digital Twins simulation environment enriches the data context, establishing connections to create an integrated system.

Harnessing the power of the USD (Universal Scene Description) format, our Digital Twins simulation environment seamlessly integrates with a high-fidelity virtual world engine, rendering an immersive and photorealistic environment. Artificial Intelligence-based bots conduct audits, swiftly identifying bottlenecks for efficient problem resolution.

The integration into the Industrial Metaverse unlocks collaborative possibilities like never before. Digital Twin platform enables remote maintenance which significantly reduces downtimes, increases cost savings, and shorter time to market. Our Digital Twin platform also facilitates contextual data visualization, offering a dynamic and detailed representation of real-world assets. This visualization enhances decision-making by providing a comprehensive understanding of asset behaviour in various operational contexts.

data acquisition with digital twin

Unleash the power data acquisition with digital twin platform

Data acquisition and visualization

In the era where data is the new oil, our system seamlessly gathers pertinent real-time information from your physical assets through a network of sensors, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), SCADA, ERP, MES, and other control systems. These sensors capture information related to mechanical aspects, electronic inputs, and software functionalities.

All these networks form the foundation for our management system, enabling us to collect, analyze, diagnose, emulate, and control digital twins based on data, models, and interfaces. Harnessing real-time data acquisition and visualization with Digital Twins facilitates proactive decision-making, predictive maintenance, and operational process optimization. This culminates in heightened efficiency and enhanced performance, shaping a more advanced industrial landscape. Some of our supporting a wide array of data networks.

digital twinning in manufacturing

Sensor data

predictive maintenance system

Telemetry data

smart energy monitoring system

PLC data

manufacturing digital twin software

ERP/MES data

Unlocking phygital twin for smart manufacturing

Condition-based monitoring (CBM)

Equipped with edge computing, our Digital Twinning solution facilitates real-time health and vitals monitoring of shopfloor assets, seamlessly overlaid on their digital twins. Collecting a magnitude of parameter data from the installed sensors, this integrated hardware and software solution continuously measures asset status, analyzes Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), predicts potential failures, and optimizes operational efficiency—all in real-time.

At Twyn, we are redefining Digital Twins by using Phygital Twins that not only twin real-world assets in the digital world but also contextually superimpose digital assets in the real world.

Accessible through the Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM) module, detailed dashboards, and reports provide comprehensive insights. This proactive approach prevents breakdowns, minimizes reactive maintenance needs, and significantly extends the overall lifespan of each asset. The integration of real-time monitoring with digital twins, and the CBM module ensures a holistic and efficient solution for proactive asset management on the shopfloor.

real-time monitoring with digital twins

AI-powered Predictive Maintenance System with digital twins

Predictive Maintenance System

Our AI-powered Predictive Maintenance System with digital twins, revolutionizes maintenance strategies by optimizing cycles and striking a balance between corrective and preventative approaches. By assimilating insights from functional patterns and simulated scenarios, the Predictive Maintenance System enables early fault detection insights that allow for a timely intervention and prevents potential issues. The Predictive Maintenance System helps cost savings and also serves as a valuable tool in identifying operational bottlenecks within your processes.

This enables manufacturers to undertake comprehensive maintenance strategies that address the health of individual assets and optimize the efficiency of the entire operational workflow. By leveraging the capabilities of AI, Predictive Maintenance System with digital twins ensures a forward-looking and adaptive approach to maintenance, facilitating a proactive stance toward operational excellence.

Smart Energy Monitoring Systems: Precision Redefined with Digital Twins.

Smart Energy Monitoring Systems

Smart energy monitoring systems play a pivotal role through real-time monitoring, offering valuable insights into machine performance and energy consumption patterns. The integration of edge computing hardware and software systems ensures that data processing occurs locally, minimizing latency and enabling swift decision-making based on the analyzed information.

The combination of AI and edge computing creates a powerful synergy that empowers businesses to make informed decisions regarding energy efficiency resulting in cost savings, and sustainability. Smart energy monitoring systems with digital twins play a key role in advancing net-zero goals, fostering a resource-efficient and environmentally conscious operational landscape, and ultimately reducing overall carbon impact.

Smart Energy Monitoring Systems

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